IAM – 3D Interactive Museum

Eye Trick Art & Optical Illusion

Trompe l’oeil means “trick of the eye” in French, which transforms two-dimensional works of art into three-dimensional pictures using optical illusions. Our arts are genuinely made by local Balinese painter. Works of art on the dividers, roofs and ground bring you into the setting of a scene and you become part of the artwork! All guests are urged to venture inside the artworks and establishments to recreate memorable and immersive photographs of their own with their inventiveness and creativity. This is the place the fun starts!


Bali and Indonesia Culture

Indonesia has a diverse and are rich in their culture, which includes Bali, where its culture is known worldwide. We, at I AM BALI believe that we can showcase Bali’s and Indonesia’s culture through our 3D arts. Therefore, we can educate our guests about Indonesia’s rich culture while they interact with our arts. This is the place for interactive and fun learning starts!